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Please browse and access the many press releases from SKOPOS below.

Title Date Published

SKOPOS Announce The Launch of the ApptOskope™

28th November 2012

Smart & Connected TVs: Massive Potential & Favourability

31st May 2012

Surveytainment Works!

24th May 2012

QR Codes: Quite Rubbish?!

9th May 2012

Accor Hotels Case Study: The Relation Between Success and the Quality of Internal Services

20th March 2012

SKOPOS Announce The Launch of the SKOPOS Nekxt Service

26th September 2011

SKOPOS Announce The Launch of SKOPOS MTrack, TabTrack & ChatTrack

24th January 2011

SKOPOS Wishes Everyone A Merry Digital Christmas 2010

20th December 2010

SKOPOS Digital Insight - Advertising is more effective in 3D

22nd November 2010

SKOPOS 15th Birthday Celebrations

10th June 2010

SKOPOS ChatBack - Social Buzz insight Tool Launched

11th May 2010

SKOPOS launches Kwal™ Unit fusing traditional qualitative offerings and innovative digital/mobile tools

12th January 2010

"Organic (Eco/Green) Fashion" suffering from an image problem! - is it really made to measure

1st December 2009

MBNA, & SKOPOS research: True Passion Of British Football Fans Revealed

27th November 2009

Green power turns on many,turns off a few! still struggles with prejudices & credibility

23rd September 2009

SKOPOS continues to lead in Digital Research with new Social Media & User Generated Insight (UGI) Tools

7th September 2009

SKOPOS Trials Video Interviewers - As a move towards its V-Suite

7th July 2009

The Future of Market Research is in thier hands - SKOPOS launches the m-Suite

11th June 2009

Skopos announces roll out innovative online tools for media evaluation - Sketchpad, Heatseeker and Replikator

19th March 2009

Head of Sport Rob Horton interviewed by PA Sport Briefing

12th February 2009

SKOPOS to Speak at Global Soccerex Football Conference, South Africa

17th November 2008

SKOPOS confirms sponsorship of a cycling team

30th October 2008

SKOPOS doubles in size in just 2 years

1st October 2008

SKOPOS partners with Nitro Digital to develop first hybrid analytics & research service for Digital Strategy Optimisation: OptiSight™

19th September 2008

SKOPOS selected for Royal Mail's Roster of agencies for the next 4 years

4th April 2008

SKOPOS scores with MBNA / Manchester City FC Card Trial

11th March 2008

Online Publisher study shows a mixed view of user generated content (UGC)

12th November 2007

SKOPOS scores with Soccerex

8th November 2007

Online behavioural targeting and video tipped as future of advertising

23rd October 2007

SKOPOS evaluate Pan European Media consumption on behalf of the Online Publishers Association (OPA Europe)

17th October 2007

New Insight i-Suite TM 2.0 from SKOPOS

4th May 2007

SKOPOS Press Release TheLondonPaper

3rd May 2007

SKOPOS releases video, single and album Via Website, YouTube and myspace

12th January 2007

SKOPOS market insight first official research & insight partner for research conferences™

7th December 2006

New Director to build on New Direction - Horton Hired from Harris

23rd November 2006

Insight Agency SKOPOS takes on Ex-Aerospace Engineer and experienced Client Consultant for the Media, Digital and ICT Sectors

23rd October 2006

SKOPOS UK restructures around client needs

4th September 2006

One step for giant peak for SKOPOS MD

11th August 2006

Thinking out of the Boks…..New SKOPOS market insight office opens in South Africa

27th June 2006

OPA Europe retains SKOPOS market insight to conduct research on Internet usage at work 16th June 2006
Are we cynics, realists or optimists? 7th June 2006
GMTV ViewBack™ panel continues with SKOPOS market insight 24th May 2006
SKOPOS team can’t escape from the Tower (Jog…..) 5th May 2006
SKOPOS team to scale Mount SKOPOS
20th April 2006
SKOPOS hires new Head of Client Connections
5th April 2006
Short PPT intro to SKOPOS market insight
22nd December 2005
New SKOPOS Data Whizz Enhances DP and Analysizz 12th October 2005
SKOPOS swipe Researcher from Ipsos International Services 7th October 2005
I-play reveals secret mobile gaming population 13th June 2005
SKOPOS welcomes new Research Head to UK office 16th February 2005
SKOPOS market insight and Tigerprint launch weekly Xmas Monitor
5th November 2004
Statistics and Methods Expert joins SKOPOS Senior Ranks 2nd November 2004
SKOPOS Merges with Applied Online Research Company MDS
13th October 2003
‘Who are the RealityResearch 6 ?’ 25th February 2003
‘Watch out for SKOPOS RealityResearch2003’ - Making Business a Reality……
12th February 2003
SKOPOS Online Panel Revenues Grow, New Deals with likes of Ask Jeeves, BMW and eBay
3rd December 2002
Latest topline findings on the World Cup from SKOPOS SnapShots™
June 2002
SKOPOS to run BusinessWeek Online European Advisory Board
13th May 2002
Undreamed of Potential for Advertising and Brand Research April 2002
Online Bargain Hunters April 2002
SKOPOS appoint new Managing Director, Darren Noyce from Harris Interactive
22nd March 2002
SKOPOS UK Appoint New Managing Director 22nd March 2002


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